Lint Remover For Clothing

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Color Green 2 Blade

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👗 Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh & Flawless ✨

Maintain the impeccable appearance of your wardrobe with our Lint Remover for Clothing. Bid farewell to unsightly lint, fuzz, and pet hair as this convenient tool effortlessly revitalizes your garments. Compact and user-friendly,

it swiftly eliminates unwanted debris, ensuring your clothes always look clean and renewed.

👔 ✨Guarantee that every outfit shines with our dependable Lint Remover – the ultimate companion for upholding a polished and professional appearance. ✨👔


About this item 


❤️ Efficiency Redefined : Say goodbye to lint and fuzz in just ONE minute with our rechargeable fabric shaver! Its turbine design doubles suction power, while six 45° blades triple cutting efficiency. With a 11000 RPM motor, cleaning speed is doubled, ensuring swift garment revival. Each rechargeable lint remover boasts exquisite designs, ensuring every detail is impeccable.

❤️ Triple Safety Assurance : Protect your luxury clothing with our triple safety protection mode. When you open the net cover and lint container, power automatically cuts off, preserving fabric integrity and your safety. Our suck-shave technology maintains a safe distance between fabric and blades, preventing damage while revitalizing your fabrics for a fresh new look.

❤️ Versatile Fabric Solutions : Our electric lint cleaner tackles all fabric problems effortlessly with three modes. Care Mode 1 offers gentle care for delicate clothes, while Clean Mode 2 targets stubborn fabric pilling. Professional Mode 3 handles heavy clothing issues with ease. This dry-clean level specialist protects sweaters, furniture, sofas, and more, ensuring a professional finish every time.

❤️ Wireless Convenience : Enjoy 5 hours of use with just 2 hours of charging. A single charge cleans up to 50 pieces of clothing. Use it while charging for continuous convenience, ensuring it's always ready when you need it.

❤️ Hassle-free Design : Clean this electric sweater shaver effortlessly in three simple steps: Remove the back cover, pour out residue, and use the included brush. Two buttons for easy operation: one for switching, the other for mode adjustment. Lightweight and ergonomic, it's smaller than a 6.1-inch mobile phone and fits comfortably in hand for easy handling wherever you go.

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Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Usage: Knitted Sweater

Use: Cleaning

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Usage Type: Charging Type

Production: TRIMMER

Model Number: V20

Charging Time: 1-2 Hours


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