Men Body Hair Trimmer

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✨ Say hello to effortless grooming with our Men's Body Hair Trimmer!

✂️ Designed for precision and comfort, this trimmer tackles unwanted body hair with ease. Adjust settings for a customized grooming experience

💪Upgrade your routine today! 🌟 


About this item

Ultra-Smooth Shaving: Upgrade your grooming routine with MANSPOT Groin Pubic Body Hair Trimmer. Bid farewell to traditional shavers' discomfort and pain as our anti-cut blade and high-power motor deliver a faster, smoother, and more comfortable shave. No more nicks or burns, just a clean and confident look.

    ✅ Special Care for Your Precious Jewels: The blade is made from Aerospace-Grade materials, ensuring a safer and more reliable manscape grooming experience. You deserve the best care for your most delicate area, and that's exactly what the trimmer provides.Stretch out your skin and go slowly and steadily for the best results, and experience a new level of comfort and care.

    ✅ Long-Lasting and Rechargeable: Welcome to the Environmental Enthusiasts Club! Save time and money with the MANSPOT body trimmer. With up to 20 uses on a single charge, it's a durable and reliable choice for all your grooming needs. Featuring electric trimmer guards with four lengths (1.5mm, 3mm, 3-6mm, 9-12mm), it suits any trimming preference. The 1.5mm guard is ideal for those who prefer a very close trim or shave.

    ✅Ergonomic Design & Waterproof: MANSPOT manscape trimmer's sleek design ensures an easy grip, even when wet. Its waterproof feature allows for convenient use in the shower or bath, making it your go-to grooming tool for back hair, chest hair, pubic hair, bikini hair, and underarm hair.

    Elegant Design,Elegant body lines not only make the user more comfortable to hold, the body material also has a sweatproof effect.

    ✅ High-quality Blades,The soft ceramic blades with advanced technology and the combination of stainless steel allow you to experience the best comfort and convenience of body modification. Reliable waterproof design, no fear of water splash!

    ✅ Multi-function,This body trimmer can be used to trim all areas of the body, including underarms, shoulders, chest, legs, arms, and groin. Tips: Please follow the instruction to use. When use for private part, please use our guide combs together, or it will be easy to hurt the loose fold skin without the comb guide. Pull your skin tight and cut slowly and steady when you use it for sensitive area.

    ✅ Fully waterproof.Reliable waterproof design, no fear of water splash!


    Power Type: Rechargeable

    👍Use: Bikini ,BODY,Face,Underarm

    👍 Function: dry & wet haircut

    👍 Function: fast charging

    👍 Function: Charging indication

    Number of speeds: 1

    Battery сharging time: up to 2 hours

    Number of nozzles: 1 - 2 pcs

    Material: ABS

    Battery Life: over 90 minutes

    Nozzles: Trimmer attachment

    Item Type: Epilator

    Certification: CE

    Number of tweezers: up to 30

    Nozzle type: Ceramic

    Style A/B/C With box Package content(It packed in the original box):

    1 machine
    1 brush
    2 x limited comb
    1 x power cord
    Style A/B/C Set1 Package content(it packed in a safety bubble bag,no box):

    1 machine
    1 blade

    1 brush
    2 x limited comb
    1 x power cord
    This body trimmer can be used to trim all areas of the body, including underarms, shoulders, chest, legs, arms, and groin. Tips: Please follow the instruction to use. When use for private part, please use our guide combs together, or it will be easy to hurt the loose fold skin without the comb guide. Pull your skin tight and cut slowly and steady when you use it for sensitive area.