Natural Rose Quartz Jade Roller Gua Sha Set

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✨ Luxuriate in self-care with our Rose Quartz Jade Roller Gua Sha Set. Crafted from genuine rose quartz, this duo enhances circulation and lymphatic drainage for glowing skin.✨ 

🌹 Reduce puffiness with the roller, sculpt with the gua sha, and unlock radiant results. ✨

🪄 4-in-1 Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set. Rose Quartz Roller with Eye Massager, Jade Gua Sha, Ridged Roller Massager. Jade Roller for Face Real Jade 100% Jade Stone Roller. Facial Massager Ice Roller 🪄

Jade Face Massage Roller and Gua Sha Lifting Tool

after and before 

What is Gua Sha and does it actually give you a cutting jawline?


About this item

✅ PURE BRAZILIAN QUARTZ: A Quartz Face Roller only works if it’s REAL rose quartz, because only a real rose roller has the unique crystalline lattice that drives healing ions deep into your cells to soothe inflammation, reduce wrinkles, and flush lymphatic waste and puffiness. Our Quartz Facial Roller and Guasha Massage Tool are only made from pure, natural Brazilian Quartz for your best skincare.

✅ 4 TOOLS GIFT PACK: After cleansing and toning, apply beauty products and use your pink quartz roller to massage into your skin. You’ll also get a boost of natural rose quartz ions like Silicone and Oxygen. Use the small roller for eyes, and the ridged roller to relax the skin and boost healthy blood flow. 2-3x a week use the Gua Sha Facial Tool for a deep tissue massage. Your kit comes with full instructions.

✅ UPGRADED FRAME, USA MADE: We’ve seen those face rollers too, you know the ones that squeak and break. This, is NOT those. Most facial rollers are made with soft wire-thin brass and glue. But we use a hard, stainless steel integrated frame (all one piece, no glued bits) and two tiny “wheels” that turns your roller smoothly and without a sound. It’s the quiet tool you were searching for today.

✅ WHICH COLOR? This pink rose quartz face roller is hard and cooling. It’s crystalline vibration is perfect for inflammation and puffiness, while the green jade roller massager is soft and gentle. It opens the heart and increases circulation as it warms to your skin’s energy. View all our real crystal jade rollers here, what's your main skin concern? And which color facial tools do you love most?

✅ TRY IT ICE COLD! This pink gemstone roller is naturally cooling already, but you can pop it in the fridge or freezer for a refreshing massage - like ice face rollers. Try it! Your skin will feel amazing! Finally, read our reviews and you’ll see that if you have any issues with your face and eye roller, gua sha scraping tool or ridged beauty roller you can contact us for a fast fix. Order yours now.


✅ Hand-polished rose quartz or jade

✅ Anti-aging and refreshing crystalline lattice

✅Rolling and scraping motions soothe inflammation

✅ Targeted treatment with big and small rollers

✅Gua sha scraper eases muscles


👍👍100% Authentic Natural Jade Stone(roller handle not included)

This jade facial roller & gua sha stone are made of 100% Original & Premium quality real natural jade stone, without any chemicals or irritants.

(Because jade is made of natural stone. Affected by different climates and environments, the color of the stone may deviate, please confirm clearly before placing an order, thank you.)


1️⃣ Begin by cleansing your face with your favorite cleansing products.

2️⃣ Apply your preferred night cream evenly over your face and neck.

3️⃣ With gentle upward motions, glide the Jade roller over your forehead, cheeks, around the lips, and neck. For puffy eyes or under-eye bags, close your eyes and delicately roll over the eyelids.

4️⃣ Spend 5 to 10 minutes using the roller on your face and neck for maximum benefits.

5️⃣ Incorporate the Jade roller into your routine three times a week to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

6️⃣ Follow the provided instructions to clean your Jade roller after each use, maintaining its pristine condition for continued enjoyment.


👍 Hand-polished, authentic facial roller and gua sha scraper

This anti-aging and refreshing beauty set improves circulation.

✅ Promotes blood circulation

✅Reduces dark circles

✅Relaxes muscles

✅ Minimizes facial wrinkles


👍Flush lymphatic waste with rolling and scraping motions to soothe inflammation

Reduce your skin's redness for a more even complexion.
👍 Big and small rollers target specific areas

Tip: Store the roller or scraper in the fridge. It will have a gentle cooling effect that helps relieve fatigue and reduce facial puffiness.







✅Big Roller:

Cheeks, forehead, chin and neck

✅Small Roller:

Around the eyes and nose

✅Scraping plate:

Whole-body massage






1. Please allow 0.39–0.79in/1–2cm error in the sizes due to manual measurement.

2. The scraper may have slight defects as it is a natural material.


👍Gua sha scraper relaxes the face and body

Massage directions for gua sha scraper:

• Eyes // Temples // Back // Legs

• Massage directions for facial roller

• Forehead // Forehead // Eyelids // Under eyes // Sides of noise //

Chin // Around the mouth // Cheeks


👍Long-lasting metal and thick handle

Minimal noise

• Strong

• Metal parts

• Thick

• Solid and easy-to-grip handle

• Authentic

• The roller and scraper are made of 100% authentic rose quartz


👍 Noise reduction ring provides a calm facial massage

Get a peaceful experience with the pink, petal, green and light or dark Xiuyu jade selections.


👍 Noise control ring for a quiet experience

Muting noise reduction design

10 or fewer decibels

As quiet as your breath

No noise control ring

You'll hear the roller during use

With noise control ring

Quiet and soothing


👍4 color options with or without a box

Purchase in pink, petal, white, black, light or dark Xiuyu jade or green.

Usage and Care

These items are fragile, so please handle them with care.

How to use the facial roller:

1. Wash your face with your normal products.

2. Apply any creams to your face and neck.

3. Using an upward motion, roll the facial roller gently over your forehead, cheeks, around your eyes, nose and mouth, chin and neck. Close your eyes and gently roll the tool over your eyelids.

4. Use it for 5–10 minutes.

5. To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, use the roller 3 times a week.

6. Clean your roller after use according to the instructions.



100% authentic rose quartz, natural jade or Xiuyu jade.


👍 Specifications

The roller is 5.8in/14.7cm in height.

The large roller is 1.7in/4.3cm, and with the metal, it is 2.2in/5.6cm.

The small roller is 0.8in/2.0cm, and with the metal, it is 1.5in/3.8cm.

The scraper is 2.1×3.3in/5.3×8.3cm.


Due to manual measurement, please allow for a 0.4–0.8in/1–2cm difference in the actual product.


Please note that each item will not be the same in color, pattern or thickness as these items are carved by hand from natural stone. There may also be a color variation due to lighting and computer monitor differences.


Package Contents

1 × facial roller gua sha set, with or without a box.